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Benwatch - Pre Owned Luxury Watches – Used Swiss Watches – Vintage Watches
Benwatch - Pre Owned Luxury Watches – Used Swiss Watches – Vintage Watches

BUYING (payment and shipment)

In order to be able to buy the watch of your dreams from a distance with safety, we invite you to make a bank transfer to our account.


Fortis Banque,Montagne du parc 3,

B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

Iban:  BE510016 4104 2562


VAT: BE 0835 578 0910835 578 091

Once the amount is credited, the watch is dispatched in a secured parcel to the destination of your choice.

We work primarily with EMS Taxipost but UPS, DHL and FedEx are equally part of our team of partners.

Each parcel is covered by an insurance that covers the value of the watch as well as the shipping cost, should a bad surprise present itself.

Moreover, each parcel has its own tracking number which will be given to you once payment has been made. That number will allow you to follow the parcel while in transit from us to you.

Should you wish to meet us in order to finalize your purchase, nothing would be easier. Contact us on 0032(0)473.70.39.170032(0)473.70.39.17 or send an e-mail to


It goes without saying that we are equally happy to buy or exchange your old timepiece.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 0032(0)473.70.39.170032(0)473.70.39.17 or to send an e-mail to in order to pose all the questions concerning the trading of your watch.